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The Horse Wisdom Program

The Horse Wisdom Program is a fun and interactive psychosocial skills building program that can be delivered individually or in groups tailored to specific needs and ages.

Horses are highly intuitive, sensitive and powerful animals. Their natural herd instincts mean they are always focused on connection, relationships and their environment. These attributes lend themselves perfectly to teach people about awareness, trust, respect, boundaries, vulnerability and attachment.

Horses naturally live in the ‘present moment’. They are constantly aware of their surroundings to ensure the safety of their herd. This can teach us the importance of mindfulness, as they invite us to live in the moment alongside them.

Each session is designed to follow these life skills

Regulation and the ‘Calm State’

…is the foundation of physical, emotional and mental

health. Learning what settles and calms you and what

energises you is the key to being in charge of your own

nervous system.


…of what is happening in the here and now, inside your

body and the outside environment, is what gives you

choice to respond rather than react.


…are your “yes” and your “no”, what feels okay for you

and what is not okay for you in each moment whether it be

spatial, touch or verbal contact.


Building happy healthy relationships takes time and skill.

This week’s theme teaches connection, trust, listening,

and team work.


Becoming aware of your thoughts and words is important.

Noticing what you think and say about yourself and others

supports a positive state of mind and wellbeing.

Emotions as Natural

Your emotions are information about what is happening

for you in the here and now.They help you understand


Facing Life’s Challenges

Life is sometimes good and sometimes difficult. What

skills have the horses taught us to support us through life’s


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For participants wishing to use their NDIS
funding for the program, the cost can be
claimed under Capacity Building – Increased
Social and Community Participation
(Innovative Community Participation)
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"Badger taught me to be confident about showing others my personal boundaries.”
Winter 2021

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